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Loopers Club is a platform for donation, Change your Live by joining Loopers Club. You can choose to refer somebody and earn 5% of your downliners donation, the system merge you automatically and you receive your payment

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How Loopers Club Works

Click on OLD MEMBER VERIFICATION FORM then enter your details. Please endevour to use the same email address you used before and ensure you input your details corectely this is because LOOPERS CLUB has a three way verification process:
1. Email verication (Endevour to use a valid email address that you can access).
2. Phone Number verification (Use your real mobile number because you will be sent a verification code to verify it).
3. Administrative Verification ( an admin will call you to verify the email account you supplied) When your account has been verified you are required to pay an ACTIVATION FEE. Please login to your account and click on PAY MY ACTIVATION FEE button chosing the currency you will like to use in making this payment. Note that this activation fee is 1000 NGN or its equivalent in other currencies. you will be merged with a fellow participant for you to make payment to immediatly. Note that with the exception of the ACTIVATION FEE Our Merging time is 08:00 AM UTC +01:00 (West Central Africa) every day of the week beside Sundays. After making the payment for Activation fee please proceed to pledge any amount you will like to donate.

Note To New Members:
New members are expected to go ahead with their registration. However, they should note that LOOPERS CLUB has a three way verification:
1. Email verification (Endevour to use a valid email address that you can access).
2. Phone Number verification (Use your real mobile number because you will be sent a verification code to verify it).
3. Payment of a one time activation fee of 1000 NGN or its equivalent in other currencies.
Choose any means of payment of your chioce (Your local currency if supported or cryptocurrency). Having completed these processes you can now enjoy the privilage of Providing and Getting Help. You can also choose to enjoy our fixed investment program where collection of fund is invested on forex market.

Note To All Members:
1. All members must at the point of making a pledge also specify the currency to donate and the currency to receive. This implies that you can pledge in one currency and receive in another. NOTE: It is not possible to make any changes after making a pledge.
2. This system supports multiple pledging. This implies that you have the ability to make as many pledges as you want and have them grow differently.


Our Manifesto, What We stand For.

This company was founded by a team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a platform that would uplift the financial status of members for the sake of humanitarian and financial empowerment services.



We believe that the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work too hard or rely on anyone else for money is a possibility.



To provide the system and support needed to enable our members achieve their (our) vision.


The well being of the populace are our long-term goal. The commitment of our members stand us out from the crowd, while we develop people for the enduring prosperity in a real-time process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have some questions about our memberships? Here are some FAQs.

What is Loopers Club?

Loopers Club is an online Community that helps grow your finances with our Peer-to-Peer Investment Platform. Our Algorithms are extremely optimized and we provide round the hour Customer Support, so don't worry, you're in very good hands.

What is the Aim of Loopers Club?

Loopers Club was created to ERADICATE POVERTY and DEVELOP THE COMMUNITY using efficient models of peer-to-peer investment structures & policies.

Who is Eligible to join Loopers Club?

There is no gender restrictions to those joining Loopers Club however, you must be 18 years and above to participate. Those looking towards growing their finances and are ready to honor and uphold the Vision of Loopers Club are all welcome.

Can I own multiple Accounts?

Yes. But the system will require a different username, email address and Phone Number for validation. Your Name can be the same.

Do I have to refer someone to earn?

No, you don’t have to bring someone to earn. but you can choose to refer a friend and earn 5% of your downliners donation. The system is designed for automation.

Do I have to publish a testimony before I can confirm a downline?

Yes, it will help spread the news about the good we’re doing and help us impact on even more lives and communities.

How long does it take to receive earnings?

You receive earnings according to the time durarion specified by you.

How do I Receive My Payment?

Once your recommittment pledge has been confirmed by the Up-liner, then you are entitled to receive your payment from donors either through bank payment or bank transfer

If the Person Assigned to me doesn’t Pay, What next?

As long as you have been matched before, the system will remove the referral and assign another after the referral exceed his commitment time.

What Document is Acceptable as Proof of Payment?

In disputes regarding falsified or unacknowledged payments, the official bank receipt (either in .pdf or .jpg format) will be given swift attention, others will be investigated, but there might be a slight delay.

Can I Upgrade my Current Package?

Yes, it is highly reconmemded that every pledge you make be higher than the previous as the system gives pirority to members that increases their pledge.

Can I borrow Money to participate in Loopers Club?

We strongly kick against Members borrowing money to participate in Loopers Club. Therefore, all Members are strictly mandated to participate ONLY with SPARE MONEY. This is because all pledges in the system are considered as DONATIONS with the exemption of FIXED INVESTMENT.

What Time is Matching Usaully done?

Our Matching is done by our UK based expects everyday by 08:00 AM UTC +01:00 (West Central Africa) Time From Monday to Saturday.

How can i unblock my Account?

Call the Customer Service desk on +234-7064474943 for the unblocking of your account. Note that every unblocking of account attracts a fine of 5000 NGN or its equivalent in other currencies.